Survival Challenge Premiere Tomorrow

Avatar Skotyyy | October 23, 2015

Tomorrow Is the Premiere to our new show Survival Challenge.
It will see all the cast and crew meet up at the Bluecoconut family Studios. They will be the first to watch the exciting new series.

The show is about 3 friends and members of the Bluecoconut family. who are given a series of challenges around the idea that they have to survive, even without the basic kit like a tent. What will happen find out when the first episode goes up.

See the Teaser trailer on this page Here.
Also on YouTube Here.

The First Episode Will Go Live On Saturday The 31st Of October 

Survival challenge Premiere logo

People in attendance of the premiere will be

  • Skotyyy (Producer of the show[also the Director of the BFE])

The cast

  • Bennychaz (Ben)
  • Naaaarwhal (Elaine)
  • SparkasEvo (Aaron)

The Support Crew

  • Tom Eggar
  • Jane Shellard
  • Sam Bonewell

Photos from the evening will be posted up here soon.

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