About Us

Hi, my name is Michael but you may know me as Skotyyy.
I live in the Berkshire town of Reading. I grew up with my brother Ben who has always had a passion for making films. He even did it for his A levels. I started making videos when I was about 12 and my brother let me use his Version of Adobe Premiere elements, which at the time was very bewildering. I just made small home movies of holidays and things like that. But my real love of the hobby hit off was when I was in the Scouts and went on one of their camps. I took a small compact camera and took loads of photos and a few videos. After I got back from the camp I decided to make it into a short movie with Windows Movie Maker. After I had finished this I showed my fellow peers and even my leader. They all enjoyed it so my hobby was born.
After that my clients just got better and better. Clients like John Lewis. They got chosen to do some gardening at my Scout boathouse and I was invited. So as I always do I took a video camera, a tripod and a few small compact cameras and decided to make a short video using my brothers Adobe (but getting better at it). When I was done I sent it in to the manager at John Lewis who overlooked the project and she loved it. After that, I hit a time where I didn’t do many productions and there wasn’t much to film or make. Then I discovered YouTube and that I could produce videos for the entire world to view and enjoy and thus my first channel ‘the0bluecoconut’ channel was born.

I started my channel from my love of movie productions. But it doesn’t explain how I got to be doing Minecraft or my new channel Bluecoconut Family.
When I first started the channel I didn’t know much about how YouTube worked or much about making movies for an online audience. My first two videos I ever put on my channel from my holiday in America and of Typhoon lagoon and the giant wave. This was filmed as you saw it, with no editing. For some reason this hit off I got 5 subscribers and within a year 15,000 views on the video. I was shocked. But then it all changed when some friends from my school discovered Minecraft. I instantly loved the game and started to produce Minecraft videos for the channel. So my first video I didn’t have my recognizable ‘Skotyyy’ Skin of the sloth but had a skin of ‘Seananners’ (A popular online gamer at the time). In the video, I blew up 2,000 blocks of TNT. It took me ages to place them all (remembering you only had to punch one block, and they would all blow up). When I recorded it my computer crashed.
From that one video, my channel blew up. I started to make videos regularly. My best video I have ever done was of a Minecraft McDonalds. This got over 40,000 views. But I knew this channel wouldn’t last forever The views were drying up and I needed a fresh start so on the 24th of December 2012 I created Bluecoconut Family channel and got all my friends who had contributed to the channel together to all post videos and the audience keeps growing.

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