TTT New Roles Stats

This Garrys Mod Addon is for anyone who is playing Trouble in terrorist town with the new roles added.

This Addon Works out everyone’s wins and losses over the games they have played and records them and then splits it down to what roles they were so you can compare and discuss (argue) who was the best Detective, Swapper, Killer or Traitor (all the roles are supported) with the help of these statistics

This addon allows server and players that are using the additional roles addon to get a full set of stats from the server.

works both on client and Server side
works with the TTT adon “Custom Roles for TTT”

Many thanks to AutomaticFrenzy for his TTT Statistics Adon that gave me the building basics for this mod

TTT Stats - Gmod Addons


Server- prints everyones stats to server and also to text.txt file in data

tstat_enabled (def 1)
Server- Sets whether the addon records the current rounds

tstat_min_players (def 5)
Server- Minimum players to start recording.

Client- sends your stats to your player console