TTT BioGrenade

TTT BioGrenade

Introducing the NEW TTT BioGrenade.
With the new role zombies, we play a rule where they are not allowed to use weapons such as guns to kill people they must only use their zombie weapons like their Claws (this brings the victim back to life as a zombie) but it often was found that innocents could find a camping spot and pick off any zombies attempting to get to them with ease.

This Addon helps the zombies by adding a starter weapon to their arsenal, it is a grenade that once thrown it will bust into a bright green cloud of toxic gas that if breathed in for too long for by any non zombie it will kill them and turn them into a zombie.
Please note that this weapon is set as a spawn weapon for the zombies so when you become a zombie you automatically get 3 to use. Warning because they are a grenade if you have a item in the grenade slot (Incendiary, discombob or something like that)  you will not receive them

Some Features of this BioGrenade are that if there is a dead non Zombie and a bionade is set off near by it will reanimate the dead back as a zombie

Works well with our other Addons such as TTT Drinking Game

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