TTT Drinking Game

This Garrys mod addon TTT Drinking Game is not for the faint hearted and is there for a laugh and to make the game more fun and ‘interesting’.
This has been well tested (from what i can remember) and is really simple to use.

Do you enjoy a good game of Gmod TTT and do you enjoy Drinking Games?
Well We help combine those into all out fun and madness with this simple TTT Drinking Game for Gmod
Simply Add to a Steam collection for your Gmod and add the collection to your Gmod Server (Full instructions below)

Simply use the commands below in the server window and release the safety catch and make sure you have plenty of drink for the rounds to come.

Find this Gmod Addon in the steam store here

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Once enabled expect to get drunk quick.
great fun to play with your mates
*Make Sure you you have plenty of alcohol to your disposal*

—–Install onto Dedicated Server—–

  1. Make a Steam workshop Collection
  2. Add this Gmod Addon (TTT Drinking Game)  to the collection
  3. Add collection to server
  4. type command ‘letsgetfucked’ into the console to start the game
    **Due to Bugs we have made this Hardcore Edition by making it permanently enabled**
  5. enjoy

TTT Drinking Game Conditions

Team Kill: 1 Drink
Jester or Swapper Kill: 2 Drinks
Die: 1 Drink
Fall to Death: 1 Drink
Your Team Loses: 1 Drink

Drinks stack up over the round
This means that if you kill a team player and then die you will have 2 shots to your name

Common Scenarios
As a jester you will have one shot for dieing, (harsh i know) but if it makes you feel better the person who killed you has to take 2 shots

-Falling to your death counts as 2, one for the death and one for being a muppet for falling

-If you kill the Jester or swapper it will count to 3 shots, 2 shots for the jester/Swapper kill and one for you dieing

-If you get brought back to life this will not cancel out your death shot

-also if you are brought back to life and die again it stacks another shot on top of the existing one meaning you can dies multiple times for multiple shots

**Due to Bugs we have made this Hardcore Edition by making it permanently enabled**


#Server & Client

– AreWeDrinking
checks if the drinking game is active

#Server only

– LetsGetFucked
activates the Drinking Game

– SafetyMode
Disables the Drinking Game

Link To Addon

TTT Drinking Game Shot Counts

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