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We love to game and we love to share our gaming fun with you


At our channels heart is our love to help everyone from tips in games to full tutorials to help you

Live Filming

When we can we love to grab a camera and film stuff in the real world

What we do

Our channel is build with our love for fun & entertainment 

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How to Clear Flood Water in Cities Skylines

When you have a disaster like a tsunami or even a flood you need a team of highly trained people

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Planet Zoo Gameplay With Chickienz (Episode 1)

Join Chickienz as she starts to build up her zoo, but she needs your help as she builds it from

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TTT Fuckery Ultimate Betrayal | Gmod TTT (Part 1)

Join the lads in some random TTT fuckery if you enjoyed this new type of editing and video style please like,

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Our live Filmed Videos

Sometimes we love to get away from our PC’s and get filming 


Most of our live filming events are shot on either Skotyyy’s 70D or our selection of GoPro’s

Survival Challenge

Our survival challenge was a breakthrough series for us as it gave us the ides to do more


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