Gmod Addons

About Our Gmod Addons

Here at the Bluecoconut Family we create Gmod Addons (Garrys Mod Addons)

Garrys Mod has an amazing community of developers creating Addons for it. anything from New Maps to Scripted Weapons.
Most of these are available from the Steam Workshop

If you are interesting in creating your own Gmod Addons then please check out the Gmod Wiki they have tons of helpful pages to get you started

Our Steam Workshop Addons

You can find all our addons on Skotyyy’s Steam Workshop
We also have our Collection on Steam that contain the current operational Gmod Addons in, Skotyyy will removed items from here if he is working on then or need to be fixed

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Our Current Gmod Addons

Skotyyy has been hard working on these Garrys Mod Addons.
They all are for the Game mode TTT or Trouble in Terroist Town
Please find details of them below:

TTT Stats - Gmod Addons

This Gmod addon allows a server to keep track and log wins and losses with the new roles

TTT Drinking Game - Gmod Addons

This is the TTT Drinking Game for Gmod, it tracks who you kill and how you die and matches them against a set of conditions and totals up how many shots you do each round

TTT Glitch Fix - Gmod Addons

This is a simple Gmod Addon, it simply puts back the Red Halo that should be around the Glitch for the traitors, so they cannot tell who is the glitch or their fellow traitor

TTT Assassin Halo Target - Gmod Addons

This is another simple Gmod Addon, this helps out the assassin role by putting a green halo around their current target

TTT No Shoot Zombies - Gmod Addons

This Gmod Addon came around from a house rule we have on our server, where if you are a Zombie you are not allowed to shoot your gun to kill. this addon enforces that rule