TTT Golden Gun 2.0

Gmod TTT Golden Gun 2.0

The TTT Golden Gun 2.0 is a full upgraded and working model of the original Golden Gun (GoldenDeagle) but with this version it has been updated to work with the new custom roles such as Zombie, Killer & such like that.

Simply add this Golden Gun 2.0 addon into your workshop collection for you TTT Server and tell your detective to buy it for you.

With the old addon there is an issue where it doesn’t know the new roles so often throws errors into the console saying the golden gun isn’t working.
With this new updated one all of that is fixed and we have added some amazing and awesome features to the gun for you to find out (some of them are listed below)
Why not use this along side our other Gmod Addons such as the Assassin Halo outline or the TTT Drinking Game Both work really well with this Addon

get the Addon from Steam workshop here

Usage scenarios

Shoot at Traitor (Trator, Hypnotist,Assasin or Vampire) —> Instant Kill

Shoot at Innocent (Innocent, Detective or Mercenary –> Kills shooter


Shoot Jester/Swapper –> Kills them with now Win scenario for jester/swapper

jester/swapper shoots detective –> Kills jester/swapper with win scenario

Shoots Killer,Phantom or Glitch –> ?? SECRETS
What else does this Golden Gun Do????

TTT Golden Gun 2.0

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