Airsoft Photos Jan 17

Avatar Skotyyy | January 30, 2017

January saw the family return to absolute Airsoft and back to the Reading site.

the day was quite wet but that didn’t stop over 50 players booking in.
the games played where new and interesting or where old classics with new twists.
from the family we saw the normal crowd and welcomed back bennychaz from dolphin shaving and wackiest lemon being able to get a day off , many highlights thought the day but my personal fav (sadly didn’t get any photos of it) was when the teams had to get in the trench in the time limit but wasn’t told the time, Until 30 seconds was called when Unbanded all ran for it and dived in without looking first when 3 landed strait into the deep muddy water.

there where also many people who fell over (lemon included) but my highlight  (sadly no photos again) was Katie trying to storm thought the trees and just disappearing, this led to many laughs and humour.

the day overall was very good and we look forward to coming back next time

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