Absolute Airsoft Photos Maidenhead Nov 15

Avatar Skotyyy | November 1, 2015

Absolute Airsoft Photos 1st November 2015

Hi all.

I was down at absolute airsoft Maidenhead on November the 1st 2015. I was wearing my Bluecoconut Family, “Official Film Crew” high Visibility jacket taking photos.

If you where down there and you saw me taking photos, have a check of the gallery below to see if i got any of you.

You are free to download the photos for yourself, and use wherever but to ask to link back to the site to show where they came from.

The day was really good day for airsofting with many great games played including a brand new game of capture the flag but with the twist of having to get the flags you captured to a single point for both teams. In this case the capture point was China Town and one of the teams made it their priority to get this point locked down early on in the game, so the opposing team couldn’t get their flags in to capture. You can find our Absolute airsoft photos of this in the gallery below.

We also did the old classic and weekly traditional game of fall back, where one team is defending and the other is attacking. The defending team must first take up positions in Murder Town and then stop the attackers from over-running them. Then the defenders (once dead) fall back to the comms tower and repeat there. After the comms tower has fallen the defenders will take up position in the Village and try and defend the onslaught until they are over-run and then they will do their final stand in chinatown. Once done they swap teams and try and beat the enemies team. This week saw one team do a amazing run time of 15 Minutes, Just short of the record of 12. Whereas the other team gave up at Chinatown and had a time of 35 Minutes (with penalties).

Here are the Absolute Airsoft Photos from the 1st of November 2015.
Link to the Absolute Airsoft Website Here.


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