Absolute Airsoft Photos January 16

Avatar Skotyyy | January 11, 2016

Hi Skotyyy here, Absolute Airsoft Photos January 16

On the weekend, we where down at our friends absolute airsoft having a day airsofting and as per normal I was down there taking photos of the entire day.

The weather forecast did not look promising for sunday but still that didn’t deter us away (except elaine) and many people shared this same thinking when seeing the car park. The road outside the field to park was lined with cars, only because the actual car park was covered in thick sticky mud.

To our enjoyment many cars were getting stuck. Nothing is quite as entertaining as watching guys trying to push a car out of the mud that is just constantly spinning its wheels and spraying them all.

Please find the gallery below for the photos of the day and I will see you all next time. 🙂
Click here for the Absolute airsoft website 

Absolute Airsoft Photos January 16

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