Cities Skylines | Sewage Tutorial

Avatar | March 10, 2020

Cities Skylines Water & Sewage Treatment is very important if your sewage isn't dealt with well that can cause your city to get sick and all you sims need water so this tutorial is vital to keep you cities working well

Following on from the "Cities Skylines | Water & Sewage Tutorial" video i made a few years ago i felt it was time to update it and dive deeper into the water supply and also the sewage treatment in Cities Skylines, Over the next few videos I will cover all parts of the water cycle

What goes in must come out,
well it does in Cities Skylines. when people drink their new water they instantly need to expel it.

this is where sewage pipes and water treatment comes in,
but what one is good for me and what one pollutes the less?

Skotyyy will show you all

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