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Why not expand your train line with a terminus and more lines

|*From the Dev*|
Passenger trains will move tourists and citizens in and out of the city. When a passenger terminal is connected to the outside connections, trains will start automatically spawning. Train stations are more expensive to place (₡45,000) and maintain (₡960/week) than metro stations, although the track itself is slightly less expensive than metro track when it is placed at ground level; elevated and underground railway track is considerably more expensive to place.

Passenger trains can also be used to move people between train stations within the city. To do that, you need to create train lines in the same manner as bus, metro, or tram lines. This is done by placing stations, connecting them with tracks and then clicking on the "Line" icon in the train transportation menu. As with other transport lines, you must start at one station, connect other stations along the desired route and then repeat the process until you arrive back at the first stop where you will get a "complete line" message. It is best to segregate lines used within your city from intercity lines.

You can edit the train lines by selecting a train belonging to that line and clicking the Modify Line button on the info window. It is useful to give each line a different color. Like buses, passenger trains will be painted the same colors as the lines they service. In the unmodded game, each passenger train has a capacity of 240 citizens.

In the free patch that came out at the same time as the DLC Mass Transit, an option was added to allow one to set if a station can accept intercity trains, so one can decide if trains coming from outside the city stop at all stations or maybe some of them.


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