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Avatar | December 11, 2016

Want to build up for transport within your city, use this tutorial from skotyyy to help build bus lines to help ship your people around your city

Buses are the first mode of public transportation available to the player in Cities: Skylines, and the cheapest. Similarly to trains, buses can be used for both local and intercity connections. Before one can set up local bus routes a bus depot needs to be constructed. This is quite expensive (₡30,000 standard, ₡40,000 for biofuel); however, a single bus depot can spawn 125,000 buses, so a single depot is sufficient for smaller cities. Larger cities may require more depots to avoid temporary localized congestion of empty buses en route to their first stops.

Also, an in-game day is not long enough to let buses reach their destination from only one bus depot. This can be remedied by building additional bus depots or using Steam Workshop modifications.

To create bus lines, place bus stops along roads anywhere in the city. Continue to place bus stops for the desired route and then end the line at the first bus stop built. The line will then automatically start once closed. Loop lines and bi-directional lines can be built in this manner. At the ends of bi-directional lines, buses will need to find a loop, roundabout or dead-end road to allow them to reverse their direction.

Bus stops are free to place; however, the maintenance cost of the bus system will be related to the number of buses in operation. The number of buses per line is primarily based on the line's length and can be modified to a limited extent by increasing or decreasing the bus system's budget. In the unmodded game, each bus has a capacity of 30 citizens.


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