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Industrial Specializations can take advantage of the natural resources Oil, Ore, Forest, and Fertile land. To specialize an area, draw a district over the area to be affected and apply the desired specialization. Any industry that is zoned within this specialized district will be of the specialization selected.

The "farming" and "forestry" specializations become available at the "Worthy Village" milestone. The "ore" specialization becomes available at "Boom Town", and the "oil" specialization becomes available at "Busy Town".

The buildings that grow in this specialization are not able to level up; they have only a single level.

There are two types of specialized buildings in each of the industrial specializations. Extractors grow on specialized industrial zones that are on top of a natural resource. They produce raw materials from the resource which cannot be used by generic industry directly, and must therefore be processed or exported. Processors take the raw materials produced by extractors and manufacture it to be used at generic industry for commercial goods production. These processed raw materials can also be exported or in some cases used at power plants as fuel. Processors aren't dependent on being located on top of a natural resource, and these buildings will grow exclusively if specialized industry is not zoned over a natural resource. Ore and oil extractors will automatically convert to processors once the respective natural resource has depleted.

Zone generic and zoned specialized industry can exist within the Industry Areas from the Industries DLC, the Park Areas from the Parklife DLC, or the Campus Areas from the Campus DLC.

Fertile land is a renewable (non-depletable) resource that gives a modest increase in tax income without producing extra ground pollution. It does have an increased demand on the city's water supply.

Farming only provides jobs at low education levels.

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