Cities Skylines Cargo Hub Tutorial | Cargo Ships & Cargo Trains | Top Tips and Tricks

Avatar | April 14, 2020

The Cities Skylines cargo hub combines the cargo harbour and the cargo station and allows direct transferal between the ship and rail networks. This is especially useful if the shipping lane is a long distance from rail network and you don't want to flood the city with cargo traffic. Like the Cargo Harbor, Cargo Hubs can also handle trucks. Cargo hubs are unlocked at Colossal city and cost ₡90,000 to buy and ₡2,400 to maintain. Cargo hub can manage more freight than a cargo harbor, but cost more.

This tutorial of the Cargo Hub will look at the best tips and tricks you need to help boost your gameplay and make it work for you, Skotyyy will show you how you can use cargo trains to help make it more efficient and load all those goods from your industies to your awaiting cargo ships

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