Cities Skylines |🛫🌬 Airport Tutorial

Avatar | June 2, 2020

Cities Skylines Airport Tutorial
Skotyyy is going to show of the crown in the transport world the airport, there are 3 in the game and he's going to individuality look into each one starting with the basic one that the game gives you in the base game
The Airport in Cities Skylines Helps you city by adding a way for Tourists to fly into the airport then use your cities tourists spots
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There are several types of airports. The first type is the airport that comes with the base game. It becomes available at the "Metropolis" milestone. It has 3 gates (4 jetways) and a single runway. Its terminal is blue and has a curved shape roof-line on a simple rectangular building, seemingly based around Washington DC's international airport, Dulles or Helsinki Airport's terminal 2. The second type is the "International Airport", which is included with the After Dark DLC and the third type is the "Cargo Airport", which comes with the Industries DLC, all of which are discussed below. There is also a Metropolitan Airport included in the Sunset Harbor DLC.

When you create an airport, airplanes will automatically path to it; the player does not need to create any routes. However, the map needs to have some pre-existing airplane paths that the airport will connect to. Airports can be difficult to place, because they need very flat land to be placed. Even slight slopes prevent placement, or can cause it to look quite bad. The international airport is even larger, increasing the difficulty of placement.

Each plane has a capacity of 200 passengers. Airports will bring tourists and business people to your city. Construction requires the metropolis milestone. Place public transportation lines, such as buses, metro stations, train stations, tram stops, and monorail stations, near your airport to help prevent tourists from using cars. The planes landing and taking off from the airport appear to be modeled on the real-life Airbus A380, although the A380 has over twice the seating capacity as displayed in the game.

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