Absolute Airsoft Link Now Up

Avatar Skotyyy | November 5, 2015

You may know that we (The Bluecoconut Family Entertainment), have started to expand on what we do and recently we have taken up taking photos at our local (and best) airsoft site.

Skotyyy started doing this about a year ago and since then he has always stuck the pictures on our facebook page. [Link here]

But since we have had this site up and running the last set of photos he has stuck on here and we have had a great interest in the views and comments we have received from this.

When we where at absolute airsoft last time (1st of november) skotyyy asked if the marshals could put up a link with a banner on their website so that players at the airsoft site could find us more easy. And we are pleased to say that that has now become a reality and the link looks amazing, massive thanks to Aaron from absolute airsoft for getting this done it will make it easer for their players (and marshals) to find our photos we take of the day.


Here is a screenshot of the Absolute Airsoft link

Absolute airsoft link

Find the Absolute Airsoft website HERE

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