🎣 Cities Skylines Sunset Harbor |🐟🐟 Fishing Industry Tutorial

Avatar | July 3, 2020

Welcome to this Cities Skylines Tutorial
The Sunset Harbor expansion added the ability to create a Fishing Industry that makes use of a number of buildings. Unlike the Industries expansion, the player does not create "Fishing Areas".

Areas with fish resources are determined automatically based on the water available, and thus does not require special maps. Fish type is determined by the depth and flow of water, and Sunset Harbor features 4 types of fish, all of which prefer different conditions. Anchovies thrive in still, shallow waters, salmon prefer shallow water with a flow, shellfish require deep and still waters, and tuna need deep, flowing water. This means one single map might not always have the required conditions for all types of fish. The player is able to use the terraforming tools on rivers and lakes, and the changes made can alter the types of fish in the water

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